Thursday, 10 December 2009

3 weeks later....

Violet finally arrived 9 days overdue after what I think must be a rather drawn out sort of labour. Contractions began on the Wednesday and she was finally born on Saturday morning. In the end she was born in hospital, not at home as we had planned. These things rarely do go to plan though and, further to my previous post about antenatal care, I am now shamefaced and chowing down on humble pie after Violet and I both had the most wonderful care from the midwives who were with us for the 8 hours of labour for which we were in hospital. Jane, Amy and Keely were our guardian angels. I cannot believe how committed, calm and professional they all were, not to mention loving. I am positive that their hard work was above and beyond the call of duty. Jane, Amy, Keely, Lan and Daddy: thank you from me and Violet for being at our side through everything. We love you. Whenever we get the chance we'll post some cutsiepie photos of baby V.

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