Tuesday, 9 March 2010

my baby cousin (aged 28 and already mother to two treasured boys)is about to have her third baby, a girl this time! Thinking about the whole process has (once again) brought back the experience of giving birth and the deep connections that emerge and remain inextricable between individuals present at the birth of a new life.

like me, my cousin has a partner who is, let's just say, a leeeetle bit squeemish. So, remembering the watertight support network surrounding me at the birth of my child (yes, my friends had worked out a roster of who could be with me and when should things start to heat up), I offered to be there for the arrival of the new baby should it be necessary. I couldn't have done it without my man there to get me through it, but having my close friend there too when Vi was born gave me so much strength, and has created a bond between all four of us that I am sure will never go away.

Whatever the events of the next few days, we cannot wait for the new arrival, and to give her and her Mummy the love they deserve.

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