Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I have a dirty secret, well...several in fact, and I'd like to use this forum to confess my sins: one is that I love tie-dye (of which more later), the second is that I am fascinated by dreamcatchers. Cheap and nasty though they may be I love them, my poor boy has to put up with mine gracing our bedroom window along with our Tibetan prayer flags, thus destroying all his hopes for a Modernist interior
. I acquired mine at the Crystal Castle in the hinterland near Mullumbimby in NSW. It's the loveliest hippy hang-out, cafe, garden and purveyor of all things off-beat. When I lived nearby I would often spend several hours meandering through the maze and drinking in the calming views across the hills, or scoffing the home-made muffins and soy chai lattes and it was on one of these visits that I found my dream-catcher and took it back to my little caravan in Ocean Shores, where I was living at the time, to put in the window. Native American mythology has it that the dream-catcher filters out the bad dreams, so that only the good ones get through. Seems to be working so far....

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